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Bárbara Eugenia is a brazillian singer/songwriter/producer based in São Paulo. In more than 10 years she’s released 4 solo albums and 2 side projects with outstanding artists from the independent scene (Chankas and Tatá Aeroplano).

Her latest album, TUDA (2019), is a natural convergence of all her past work, but here she enters into more modern grounds: lots of synths, electronic drums mixing modern electronic music, disco music of the 70’s and the technopop of the following decade intertwined with tropical rhythms.

The album is produced by Bárbara alongside Dustan Gallas and Clayton Martin (both from Cidadão Instigado, one of the main alternative bands in Brazil). Bárbara has toured in the US and Europe with her band and also playing solo, accompanied by her acoustic guitar.

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